Yuki and Yuuki are siblings who escaped in the original breakout made by Pidgi and have traveled together since then. During that time they have acted as guardians of a forest, random birds of awesome, and traveling guards. They recently learned of the destruction of several Vaeiiran bases and this has caused them to enter into public more and more. They are currently in Celadon city after defeating six Rocket operatives at once.

Yuki VAP 27 Older sister

Known moves: The entirety of the Articuno and Pidgeot movesets.

Ability: Snow Veil - Acts as Snow Cloak and Snow Warning.

Special Move: Undecided

Yuuki VAP 28 Younger brother

Known moves: The entirety of the Pidgeot movesets and several grass type moves.

Ability: Disperse - Automatically seeds the opponents

Special Move: Name undecided. Acts as Ingrain while increase both defense and special defense.

The two have the ability to combo Lock On and Sheer Cold once a battle at the cost of both their turns.

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