An immortal bird who can view the time stream at will. Xatu is Ken's Pokemon,but much like Tobi and Honch, Xatu largely travels alone studying ruins.








Early LifeEdit

Xatu comes from a village in the Great Plains. The village comprised of Xatu and Natu known around the land for being able to see all throughout the land. When Xatu was born the village shaman told a prophecy that said Xatu would gain great power and rule great land. So Xatu was put through tough training and gained great power, but the village had angered Dialga and so Xatu was forced to leave the village a reminder of what happens when you tamper in the works of the gods.

Traveling for one hundred yearsEdit

Since Xatu couldn't go back to his village he traveled the world learning ancient secrets and making friends. One place in Kanto Xatu went to was called The Bird Cage and was apparently a club leading one to believe Xatu has a far less moral Pokemon. Xatu has visited Kanto, Johto, Shinnoh, Hoenn, and Unova learning there legends.

Fight with GroudonEdit

When Xatu was in Hoenn he found the lair of Groudon and some how managed to wake him up. As Xatu fought the legend to save Hoenn he was badly hurt and about to be crushed when Ken and Umbreon saved him and repeled the mighty beast back to its lair. Xatu was so thankful for Ken saving his life he joined him as Ken's Pokemon.

Life with Ken and Gate keepingEdit

Xatu was Kens second Pokemon and is second strongest only to Umbreon who Xatu listens to without question. Wile Ken is not around Xatu is in charge much to Nidokings dismay. Xatu is happy to take the lead but wonderd why Umbreon dosen't lead. only to have Umbreon say he didn't care to lead. Xatu has lead Cipher, and War division alike and has proven more then a capable leader. When Xatu is not with Ken wich is more and more he as normally at the Celadon gates with Honch. When the aliens invaded Xatu Held the pier along with Tobi and a few others.


Xatu has amazing power. When Xatu uses his full power his body changes to a Ra like apearence and Xatu can stop time as well as restore memories. Though the power seems all mighty it has severe limitations. The transformation can only last up to an hour max, Xatu can only restore memories nothing more, and fianlly if Dialga notices the brink in the time stream he will attack Xatu.