Vaeiiran Pidgeots are the 'Alpha' phase of the Vaeiiran's genetic enhancement experiments. They come in two generations, exhibiting different abilities based on their alterations.

Vaeiiran Pidgeot numbers 1-50 combined Eevee DNA with baseline Pidgeots to create a pokemon capable of changing types. They were considered failures due to the relative difficulty of doing so, requiring a dozen or so evolutionary stones to force a change. These first generation examples also have dramatically altered stats compared to a baseline Pidgeot.

HP: 60 ATTACK: 120 DEFENSE: 40 SP. ATK: 120 SP. DEF: 40 SPEED: 120

Known examples: Vaeiiran Pidgeot 1 (Pidgi), Vaeiiran Pidgeot 8 (Geese), Vaeiiran Pidgeot 17 (Rosaline), Vaeiiran Pidgeot 27 (Yuki), Vaeiiran Pidgeot 28 (Yuuki), Vaeiiran Pidgeot 50 (Loran)

Locations: Forests, Mountains

Numbers 51-250 used Kecleon DNA in addition to the Eevee DNA, in an attempt to make something capable of shifting in combat. These are capable of changing types when hit, shifting to something advantageous over what they were hit with. This is limited to water, fire, electric, grass, ice, psychic, and dark, thus being hit by a dark type attack will put them as dark type as well. All phase two Pidgeots know the following moves: Fly, Brave Bird, Type-changing Return, and a type appropriate special attack (Water Pulse, Dark Pulse, Psychic, Flamethrower, Thunderbolt, Ice Beam, Energy Ball)

HP: 80 ATTACK: 90 DEFENSE: 70 SP. ATK: 90 SP. DEF: 70 SPEED: 90

Known examples: Vaeiiran Pidgeot 191, Vaeiiran Pidgeot 82 (Proteus), Vaeiiran Pidgeot 119, Vaeiiran Pidgeot 53, Vaeiiran Pidgeot 77, Vaeiiran Pidgeot 197, Vaeiiran Pidgeot 231, Vaeiiran Pidgeot 61, Vaeiiran Pidgeot 172, Vaeiiran Pidgeot 215, Vaeiiran Pidgeot 90, Vaeiiran Pidgeot 212, Vaeiiran Pidgeot 156

Locations: Caves, Vaeiiran Bases. Will always be found in Vaeiiran Pokeballs.

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