Twig (Like I said, he looks like a Treecko. Spot-on, right?)


Treecko's friend.


Twig was hatched on Route 103 in Hoenn. The trainer who hatched him, May, nicknamed him, and proceeded to put him in a PC Box for months, before trading him to Professor Oak in Kanto for research. After researching Twig, Oak released Twig into the wild to roam Kanto. He did so, eventually reaching the outskirts of Celadon.

He travels with his friend, a Butterfree, who was released for mating season, but never actually found a mate.

Moves already known to have


Bullet Seed


Moves used in battle

OT: May

Nature: Calm


He looks like a Treecko (Derp), and constantly carries a Miracle Seed. He picked the item up after he first hatched in Hoenn, and kept it as a token.


A miracle seed.

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