Human Female


5' 9"






Team Rocket

Division and Rank:

Scout; Grunt

History Edit

Her dad from Kanto and mother from Hoenn, she was born in Hoenn in Mauvillle. Having grown up in such an electrified city, she naturally grew up with a preference to electric types. Growing up, her dad presented Stephanie with an Eevee, which she promptly evolved to a Jolteon, which is still her favorite. After moving to somewhere in the mountains, she found herself as an weapon fan, eventually buying herself a Mosin Nagant M44. To this day, it's rifle that she keeps with her at all times. She left home, saying she was going to head off on a journey across Hoenn, promising to return. 

During her trip, however, she was involved in an incident in which she ended up getting shot in the heart. Stephanie was able to receive aid shortly after and was immediately treated upon arriving at the hospital. It was apparently a miracle that she had survived and received a transplant. Upon leaving the hospital, she had slight heart problems but continued to drift around Hoenn. Dazed, she eventually found her way to a boat, taking her to Johto, which she explored for a short while, then after fully recovering, set off to Kanto. There, she wandered until she reached a city enclosed in walls - Celadon City. Upon joining Team Rocket, she's found a home, but is still uneasy about not returning to Hoenn.

Personality Edit

Stephanie gives respect where it's due, and receives some in return. She'll never be seen without her rifle, and can usually be found on the rooftop of a building across from the Game Corner, plinking at random things and just living. She tries to be friendly to everyone, but inside, she enjoys playing around with others and would rather watch the world burn while treating herself to some sides.

Skills Edit

Shooting Edit

Having grown up with her rifle, Stephanie is an exceedingly proficient marksman. She keeps the iron sights on her Moist Nugget.

Team Edit

Jolteon Edit

  • Thunderbolt
  • Hidden Power (Ice)
  • Shadow Ball
  • Volt Switch

Meganium Edit

  • Giga Drain
  • Protect
  • Aromatherapy
  • Synthesis

Swampert Edit

  • Waterfall
  • Earthquake
  • Toxic 
  • Ice Punch

Gardevoir Edit

  • Psyshock
  • Shadow Ball
  • Calm Mind
  • Focus Blast

Aggron Edit

  • Earthquake
  • Double-Edge
  • Heavy Slam
  • Head Smash

Salamence Edit

  • Flamethrower
  • Dragon Claw
  • Draco Meteor
  • Hydro Pump