Vaeiiran Pidgeot (Dark Forme)










JSDF 305th TFS, Team Rocket (Only as much as required by Alex)


After escaping with Pidgi and the other phase one Vaeiiran Pidgeots, Seventeen chose to live out her life traveling Kanto. Eventually, she met Alexander and was caught by him after a brief battle. She told him of her past and soon began hunting down Vaeiiran bases with him. While searching for one of the bases, Alex dug up some unusually powerful dusk stones and used them to transform Seventeen to her dark forme. She was then renamed Rosaline and continued traveling with him. Alex and Rosaline tracked down and destroyed several Vaeiiran bases around Sinnoh, before returning to Celadon. After a meeting with Sigilyph, Rosaline flew off to confront Pidgi. Despite defeating him in battle easily, she was forced to retreat by his harsh words, returning to Celadon yet again.


Moves: Fly, Aerial Ace, Night Slash, Energy Drain (dark-type Giga Drain), Brave Bird, Psybeam, Foul Play, Dark Pulse, Ominous Wind, Crunch, Dark Barrier (Protect (+ Counter/Mirrorcoat with gets)), and Aerial Slam (higher damage sky drop).

Ability: Black Alice (grants immunity to status effects)

Boosted Stats: Thanks to the exceptional dusk stones used to transform her, Rosaline has greater base stats than a standard phase one. HP: 120 ATTACK: 120 DEFENSE: 120 SP. ATK: 120 SP. DEF 120 SPEED: 120

Item: Millennium Eye: Capable of reading another's mind, and seeing through their eyes. If the user defeats and opponent in a contest of some sort, they may seal the opponent in a card. This effect is negated as soon as the user is defeated. Allows use of the moves Mind Reader, Miracle Eye, and Detect. Raises Accuracy by 1 against enemies not protected against Psychic effects.

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