Rosa Blanco

Rosa Espinosa Blanco (White Thorny Rose) (Born 04/05/1992) Is the younger sister to Zera Blanco. Most of her past isn't well known and the only skill she tends to exhibit is her ability to follow her brother without her noticing (Either she's that good at sneaking around or Zera doesn't seem to notice due to being an idiot at times.)

First AppearanceEdit

She was found on the same boat that the Rockets had taken over on their way to Tiski, her reason for being there was that she was looking for her brother who had disappeared years ago. What she didn't know was he was part of the same team that had found her, so she joined up with them and followed them to where Zera was after the mission was over.

Rosa Blanco
"Welcome to Jamen's"









Hair Color

Jet Black

Blood Type:


Members of:

Jamen's Cafe


Faust (dad), Lauren (Mother) Anton Jonathan and Zera (Older brothers),



Current JobEdit

Zera had originally planned for Rosa to become a grunt for the Rockets and sent her to go sign up for herself while he went back to Orre on a mission. Unfortunately she got lost around the base and wasn't able to find anyone who could help her at the time, so she gave up on working with them and took a job at the next best place, Jamen's restaurant. There she seemed to gain a sort of friendship with Jamen and took to making sure that the place was in tip top shape for the customers. After Jamen's accident, she was given the task of taking over the restaurant, which was now named "Rosa's cafe". Unfortunately business went south after Jamen left and so she just kept to caring for the place until he returned, a few months later when he did more and more people started to come back and she was happy, both that the cafe was doing well and that her friend had come back. This happiness was cut short due to the untimely death of Jamen, causing Rosa to lock herself in the cafe out of sadness. A few weeks later, Rosa started to go back to her usual self, though it was somewhat of a slow process, after finally visting Jamen's grave, Rosa started to get out of the cafe more and more, during this time she met Kaito, a vocaloid that had been shipped over to the rocket base for reasons unknown, she took him in and after a series of events, they ended up in a relationship. She is currently in Orre with Mike and Kaito looking for her brother.


Rosa tends to be very cheerful towards others, but when her older brother is either acting like an idiot (Which is most of the time) or when she feels that he is in trouble, she tends to take an overprotective attitude, something that Zera constantly scolds her for since he is meant to care for her, not the other way around.

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