I consider myself funny-but not to others-, because of my fails.

A brother of the Mew seen in the movies, thought never seen him, Rocket's mew joined team rocket last Thursday. Everyone hates him for trying to troll, being random, any stealing food from a gorcery store.

Rocket's Mew considers himself half-shenanigan and half-canon, because how Rocket's Mew appeared is unknown.

Mew, canoncly, has very few friends, and is a mortal enemy of typhlosion. Mew is also buddies with Pika and Ioh(Modified Eevee). He hasn't seen Crackers yet.

Current moves: Earthquake, X-Scissor, Transform, Dark Pulse

(page under construction, feel free to add anything about me that you need. thanks, Team rocket's mew 02:20, June 21, 2011 (UTC))