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The Garmy


Second in Command


DICKS watches a typical day on /vp/ unfold.


Gary Oak once accidentally created a race of servants, while messing with his grandfather's research regarding the masks used by the Mask of Ice.

The resulting beings plaster themselves to the faces of other living creatures, and sometimes even inanimate objects. They are completely loyal to Gary, and will obey his command without question.

Should Gary ever be cut off from the Garmy, DICKS was to lead them according to the rule 'What Would Gary Do'.

Nearly all of the Garmy have now perished, having fallen over time, though DICKS has on several occasions managed to cheat and trick his way back into life.


DICKS is a living mask in the shape of Gary's face. He takes control of different bodies to fulfill his goals, and Gary's.

His preferred body is that of Trainer Poiple, whom DICKS has grown rather attached to, to the point where DICKS' Garyface accompanies Poiple's soul to the Distortion World when he dies. Poiple has a pompadour and leather jacket, and his left arm has been replaced with an arm cannon, after atrophying due to radiation.

Poiple is about 5'7 and weighs roughly 156 lbs.


While blindly loyal to Gary, DICKS has more independence than other Garyfaces, and the ability to command them (Gary's orders take priority).

DICKS has a seething hatred of 'furries', and those who have intimate relationships with Pokemon, to the point where he will hunt down any he deems 'furry' to the ends of the earth, even to death and beyond, tormenting them as much as possible.

Believing himself to be superior to everyone else, DICKS underestimates opponents.


  • The Injury Note: Writing of a name causes that person to experience a painful accident.
  • Teeth of the Garmy: Using his teeth, DICKS can summon temporary, frail stickmen to act as hosts for other Garyfaces.
  • Garyface: DICKS uses other Garyfaces to recruit members for the Garmy.
  • Hair Cutter: DICKS uses his ridiculous anime hair to saw through things.
  • Arm Cannon: Given to DICKS by the Power Rangers. Uses charge packs to allow different energy-based attacks.
  • Reality Revision: Using effects and powers gleaned from the various canons overlapping in TR RP, DICKS tends to fuck over logic and bullshit an escape from Hell a few days after dying, similar to a Lich returning after being defeated. A Gich perhaps?




-DICKS Jr. (Garyfaced Headcrab)

-Missingno. (deceased?)