A plot revolving around Ransei is to occur once all current arcs are wrapped up, implied to occur while the other regions are recovering.

If a Warlord has a different default partner in another episode, that one may be used instead. No Legendary Pokemon yet, barring Nobunaga's Rayquaza.

OCs and characters from outside Ransei may be brought in initially as Wandering characters, if you do so please note the character and partner Pokemon in the appropriate sections. Keep in mind, however, that this is intended to prevent stagnation and give the main characters in TR a break.

How combat works: Each Warrior is accompanied into battle by one partner Pokemon. At the start of battle it has access to all moves except TMs, and one Egg Move. Once a move is used, it is locked into the four move movelist for that battle, which resets after the fight is over. A partner Pokemon can be switched between battles, but only one is allowed to be active at a time. Each Warrior has access to a Warrior Ability. Environments are destructable, and using them to your advantage in creative (but not stupid) ways is encouraged. For example, sending rocks rolling at the opponent if fighting in Cragspur to emulate Rock Throw, or dodging with jump platforms in Avia to emulate Detect. Battles otherwise work as they do normally, and have the same rolling system.

List of WarlordsEdit

Hero/Heroine+Eevee: Unclaimed, Aurora

Oichi+Jigglypuff: Unclaimed, Hero Sidekick

Nobunaga+Rayquaza/Hydreigon: Claimed by Charon, Dragnor

Ranmaru+Dragonair: Claimed by Moto, Nobunaga Sidekick

Mitsuhide+Lapras: Unclaimed, Nixtorm

Gracia+Munna: Unclaimed, Mitsuhide Sidekick

Shingen+Rhyperior: Unclaimed, Terrera

Kunoichi+Scraggy: Unclaimed, Shingen Sidekick

Yukimura+Tepig: Unclaimed, Shingen Sidekick

Kenshin+Gallade: Claimed by Alex, Illusio

Kanetsuga+Kirlia: Unclaimed, Kenshin Sidekick

Ayagozen+Cubchoo: Unclaimed, Kenshin Sidekick

Hideyoshi+Chimchar: Unclaimed, Ignis

Hanbei+Mareep: Unclaimed, Hideyoshi Sidekick

Kanbei+Duskull: Unclaimed, Hideyoshi Sidekick

Motonari+Snivy: Unclaimed, Greenleaf

Motochika+Oshawott: Unclaimed, Fontaine

Mitsunari+Scizor: Unclaimed, Wandering

Masanori+Skorupi: Claimed by Charon, Wandering

Kiyomasa+Larvitar: Unclaimed, Wandering

Ginchiyo+Shinx: Unclaimed, Violight

Muneshige+Starly: Unclaimed, Ginchiyo Sidekick

Yoshimoto+Pineco: Unclaimed, Chrysalia

Yoshihiro+Gurdurr: Unclaimed, Pugilis

Keiji+Rhyhorn: Unclaimed, Wandering

Masamune+Braviary: Unclaimed, Avia

Magoichi+Carnivine: Unclaimed, Masamune Sidekick

Kotaro+Zoroark: Claimed by Black Mage, Yaksha

Nene+Golbat: Unclaimed, Viperia

Hanzo+Spiritomb: Unclaimed, Nene Sidekick

Ujiyasu+Boldore: Unclaimed, Cragspur

Kai+Pansear: Unclaimed, Ujiyasu Sidekick

Ieyasu+Aggron: Unclaimed, Valora

Tadakatsu+Metagross: Claimed by Manfred, Ieyasu Sidekick

Ina+Quagsire: Unclaimed, Ieyasu Sidekick

No+Misdreavus: Claimed by Alex, Spectra

Okuni+Venipede: Unclaimed, No Sidekick

Original Characters/GenericsEdit

I am willing to play up to five of these every once in a while and will act as them as needed for my own castles. -Alex

Non-Ransei CharactersEdit

Alexander+Blaziken(Leon), Charizard(Chandra), Camerupt(Talib), or Heatran. Acting as wandering mercenary.