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Gerhard Pryce

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Mask of Ice
Mask of Ice

In office

6 January, 2001 - 29 April, 2004

Leader of Neo Team Rocket



Keane ??? (last name unknown)

Preceded by

Giovanni (as head of Team Rocket)

Succeded by

Keane ??? (last name unknown), later Chermaine Lorenz

Team Rocket Commander

In office

12 December, 2010 (unofficial), 3 January, 2011 (official) - 16 June, 2011

Leader of Team Rocket


Preceded by


Succeded by


No Title


12 January, 1930


Snowpoint city, Sinnoh


16 June, 2011 (aged 81) (Instrumentality)

Place of death

Celadon city, Kanto


Japanese citizen


Soldier, Mahogany town gym leader, leader of Neo Team Rocket, Team Rocket Commander

Military service


Imperial Japanese Army



Year of service



Heichō (Japanese, equivalent to Lance-Corporal)


11th Sinnoh Infantry Regiment


World War II

Gerhard Pryce (12 January, 1930-16 June, 2011) was a Sinnoh-born Japanese leader of Neo Team Rocket (Neo Team Rocket, abbreviated NTR), the reorganized and later independant Team Rocket offshoot. He was the leader of Team Rocket, under the pseudonym "Mask of Ice", leading from 2001 to 2004. He is most remembered for his role as gym leader of Mahogany city, and as the aformentioned Mask of Ice.

A decorated veteran of World War II, Pryce, upon his medical discharge from military service, found himself without a job, until he was noticed by the Kanto/Johto League, and appointed leader of the Mahogany city gym in 1967, a job he served until his disappearance into time in 2004. Re-emerging from the time vortex in 200, he once more was without job, his gym having been transferred to his former deputy, Keane, and later to Keane's deputy, Chermaine Lorenz. While the gym was still under his control, Pryce was famous for his innovative use of ice type pokemon, being the first person to use them proficiently in all of Japan.

Pryce had, no matter the time period, ultimatly wanted to establish a utopia, where both humans and pokemon could be free from pain and misery. To achieve this, he used any means that presented themselves to him, from taking over Team Rocket to steal funds and resources from Silph International, to the assassination of several prominent members of the Japanese parliment. His methods drew the eye of many individuals, former executives of Team Rocket, government agents, and several children. He failed, and was cast into the timestream after his defeat following the failed terrorist attack on the Indigo League.

In late 2010, after a failed plan to retake Team Rocket, Pryce managed to persuade the then-leader, Tobi, to take him on as an advisor, soon consolidating enough power to have a legitimate position given to him. From here, he was much more successful at achieving his goals, and with his mind working the strings, Team Rocket soon controlled all of Celadon, facilitated by his need to have a larger space to see the completion of his plan.

In the final days of his life, specifically, the first Battle of Celadon, Pryce succeeded in achieving his goal, initiating Instrumentality across the world, with the aid of his Froslass. His success was short-lived, as the process was reversed and self-contained within Froslass. Following his defeat, he chose to stay within the Sea of All, content to remain with Froslass.

Mahogany town gym leader

Years in service


Gym type


Gym ranking

7th of 8