Harold Jenkins Applebee





Height: 5'10

Weight: 152 lbs.










A laid back man, Applebee in his later years left most of the running of Apple to his right hand man, Elm. He lived in Viridian City, Kanto, and it was a hobby of his to teach new trainers how to properly catch Pokemon. A properly educated generation is a successful generation, after all! Over time, Applebee built up a rather large number of Weedle from these demonstration lessons. Deciding to make a funny little pun on his name, Applebee began to specialize in training Bee Pokemon, such as Beedrill and Combee.

After Red, a young man Applebee recalled teaching how to throw a Pokeball, brought about the collapse of Team Rocket, Applebee rested much easier. Hearing of their return in Johto three years later, he hoped another young man would stand up against the menace. Indeed, Gold did, and Team Rocket was once again thwarted.

All was well in Kanto, for a time. However, as is with all good things, this peace did not last. Once again, Team Rocket was out and about in the region, eventually going so far as to claim Celadon as their own. With even great grandchildren now, Applebee wished to make the region safe, and so confronted Team Rocket. Using the resources of Apple, he went on one final crusade against the criminal organization, but was struck down by Alexander, and died in a snowbank.


Applebee was a weathered old man, but stayed fit and healthy, to make sure he was there to watch his grandkids grow up. He usually wears plaid, or other dull, modest colors, never really trying to stand out.


Humble and caring though Applebee was, he grew a tad eccentric and senile in his later years, even laying in middle of the road, so that no trainers could pass before he had his coffee and taught them the ways of catching Pokemon. Applebee loved his coffee, and his granddaughter Kim would often deliver his coffee to him in his office.


Many Weedle, Kakuna, Beedrill, Combee, and Vespiquen.

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