Wallace - Wallace's Pokemon from R/S/E, two Kyogre taken from Plasma, and a Golurk with an incinterator in its chest.
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Deoxys ExperimentsEdit

Lucid- Normal Form; Excadrill

Silias- Attack Form (physical); Gigalith

Vienne- Speed Form; Swoobat; Captured by Neo Team Rocket

Gerrick- Attack Form (special); Lilligant

Barrowfort- Defense form; Krookodile

Diana- Trick Form; Zebstrika

Amok- Sooth form; Yamask; Captured by Neo Team Rocket


Wesker- none

Chell- Starmie

Dr. Gero- Meinshao, Druddigon, Beartic

Mandark- Porygon, Reuniclus, Muk

Megabyte- Porygon-Z, Serperior

Rasputin- Audino, Emolga

Zombie Michael Jackson- Meloetta

Marik Ishtar/Melvin


Ninja Lawyers- Can supposedly hurl legal documents with enough force to sever a limb.

Dudes- Clones of the most average man in the world. Rigged with explosives.

T-103- Functioning bioweapons with human appearance. Carry heavy weapons, berserk when damaged enough.