Manfred AligoriEdit

Manfred Aligori (2007-2010?) was the Executive Intelligence Officer of Team Rocket, formerly serving as Giovanni's personal butler. His major contribution to the team was his extensive network of files on each and every Rocket member and enemy. He also participated in one of the battles with Bakura, who would later become his main sidekick.

Creation and EscapeEdit

On March 15th, 2007, Manfred was created by Doctor Daniel Aligori, the first successful clone in the doctor's experiments. Manfred grew quickly, his body rapidly aging as a result of experimental drugs used by Dr. Aligori. His physique and intelligence were enhanced as well, albeit with terrible consequences. Manfred, not satisfied with life as a test subject and a novelty, escaped one day while the Doctor was occupied with his experiments. He ran far, far away from the Hoenn region where his "father's" lab was located.

Life in Team RocketEdit

Manfred later found himself in the Kanto region, 2 and a half years after his escape. He had captured many Pokemon and built a few bases here and there, his paranoia already consuming him. There, he found Team Rocket, and, deciding there was strength in numbers, joined as a butler. He did not have many friends in Team Rocket, even after being promoted 2 weeks later. Not much can be said of his career that is of note.

Crimes and PersonalityEdit

Manfred was a truly sick individual, relishing in the pain and fear of others. He believed that he was superior to

Manfred's primary currency

all "normal" humans, and as such had a right to toy with them as he pleased. He killed and raped many, including up to 12 Gym Leaders, all of which survived, albeit with terrible scars. He was assisted in this by his beloved girlfriend, Jackie. Together, they destroyed cities and killed many. On one fateful outing, Manfred met his rival and hated enemy, Mike C., a trainer originally from Hoenn. Mike and Manfred battled on many occasions, each time leading to Mike's defeat. However, despite all this, Manfred was calm, polite, and helpful towards his comrades-in-arms.


Manfred slowly grew tired of his position in both life and the Rocket chain of command. Through a series of events that lasted a month, Manfred tried to usurp the leadership of Team Rocket. The first step was to capture Uxie, which he managed to do by trading Celebi to Varnock for it. He even managed to enlist the help of Bakura, Kenpachi, Jack, and Jackie. Unfortunately, his plan slowly crumbled around him. With the last of his forces, he invaded the Rocket HQ, but was struck down while battling against Mike. However, a deal with Giratina spared him death at the cost of his memories of the betrayal. He would lie in bed for weeks, thought to be dead. Upon waking up, he betrayed Team Rocket again, coordinating his attack with the attack on Team Rocket by Apple Co. However, this proved to be his last life, as he was shot and killed by Pryce in the kitchen at Celadon.

Life(?) as a GolurkEdit

Manfred, however, was not through. His soul tossed to the wheel of destiny, the wheel tossed it right back. Reincarnated as a Golett, a Pokemon created to protect humanity and Pokemon, his mission was to make up for his past life.

Manfred's previous Raison d'être

His memories gone, he ventured forth into the Unovan wilderness, defeating many hopeful trainers who wished to capture him. Eventually making his way back to the Rocket base, he wandered inside, only to be captured by Black Mage. Now, he lives as a Golurk, residing in the Rocket Hangar. Only time will tell what his future exploits may be.