Not much is known about Lucias' background, other than the fact that he lived in the alleys of Celadon. He doesn't remember much of his younger years, but he assumes they were pretty much the same as his recent years.


(this will be obsolete once I stop being too lazy to draw him) Currently, he looks like an adolescent. He claims to be fifteen, but looks small for his age. He has shaggy dark brown hair and bright blue eyes, as well as pale skin. His Rocket Uniform is slightly baggy, because the closest they had to his size was too large. This will be updated as his appearance changes.


Lucias is very shy and quiet, having rarely interacted with other people before. He is mostly kind-hearted, but is also quite impressionable. Due to this, he will grow to act like those that he spends time around. When he feels like he can trust a person, he will start to stutter less when talking to them. His closest friend at the moment is Vivian, or Vivi for short. She is a growlithe that lived with him in the alleys. She is not technically his pokemon though, as he doesn't have a pokeball for her yet.


Most of Lucias' abilities have yet to show themselves, and at the moment he is mostly just clumsy and scatterbrained. However, he has been shown to be able to communicate with pokemon, even those that most humans are unable to speak to.