Jack Thomas





Height: ???

Weight: ???




Team Rocket,Shiny Jirachi,Manfred,Jackie,Scarlet



Jack Thomas is the janitor for Team Rocket but has Executive privilages.

"Jack is gonna die the way he lived."



Ever since the dawn of the Rocket RP,Jack has been there.When he first started as a Rocket,Giovanni offered him the job of custodian.Jack declined and became a janitor instead,thinking "Janitor Jack" had more of a ring to it than "Custodian Jack".His first days on the job were eventful.He risked his life to protect a wild Shiny Jirachi from other rocket members.He later caught the Jirachi with a Pokeball launcher and they soon became great friends

The Mars ChroniclesEdit

One day,Jack met Mars.It was love at first sight.Jack thought in order to be with her,he had to get her pregnant.One fateful say,Jack announced that he and Mars were having a baby.Mars was of course,furious.She said that she would never sleep with a man of his status.Jack kept on telling her to stop denying that she was pregnant.In order to prove she wasn't pregnant with Jack's baby,she took a pregnancy test.She was shocked to see the results.She didn't believe it so she took another test which proved she wasn't pregnant.It was later revealed Jack did sleep with Mars ("Rape" as she calls it) but he manipulated the results for the test.He was sent to the Shadow Realm by Bakura for one day as punishment for his actions.