It should also be noted he is a buffet of manliness.

The man that started it all, Giovanni mainly oversees most "official" dealings within the Team. He's been on vacation for a long time...


  • Kevlar vest
  • Silenced Ruger
  • Blowgun loaded with a powerful sedative dart in his right sleeve
  • Dagger in his left sleeve
  • Small box of blowdarts (Two knock-out darts, a Paralysis dart, and a Toxic dart)
  • Cyanide pill tooth
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Reading glasses
  • Wallet (With Loads'a'monay)
  • Hollow-heeled italian-made shoes containing Pokéballs (One Electrode and one Wheezing)
  • Custom-tailored suits in multiple colors. Prefers black.
  • An Earth Badge on his lapel.


  • Beedrill: (Male, Swarm) A friend from his childhood. Unlike the rest of his team, he is lightning fast but very frail.
  • Aggron: (Male, Heavy Metal) A beastly lizard. Pockmarked with bullets that he has taken for Giovanni.
  • Nidoqueen: (Female, Sheer Force) Unwaveringly loyal, serves as the team's cannon.
  • Persian: (Female, Technician) A silent assassin and unofficial Rocket mascot.
  • Cloyster: (Male, Skill Link) Follows the usual defense theme. Can hurl rocks and icicles incredible distances.
  • Ursaring : (Male, Guts) A powerhouse in all regards. Often spars with Giovanni in their spare time.

Skills, Abilities, etc.:

  • Initiative: If Giovanni instigates a fight, his first roll counts as an 'always hits' move.
  • Pathological Liar: Giovanni can flawlessly lie at any given time. His heart does not fluctuate, he does not sweat, he remains cool and calm, rendering his lies undetectable. He can still be caught lying if someone can produce evidence against his claims, or was there for what actually happened, however this does not affect his vitals or give him a "tell."
  • Sharpshooter: Giovanni can call an even to become a crit and an odd number to also hit when he is using a firearm.
  • Dark Aura: Due to Giovanni's evil nature and actions, his mind is shrouded in a dark haze, and psychic powers have little sway on him.
  • Parkour: Giovanni can scale buildings, vault fences, etc, with flair. If a movement action would ever require a roll for success, Giovanni ignores the roll and succeeds.
  • Krav Maga: If Giovanni attacks  a prone opponent (including anybody sleeping) while unarmed, he crits when successful. This does not stack with a standard crit.
  • T'ai Chi: If an opponent misses in hand-to-hand combat with Giovanni, Giovanni can grapple this move and call an extra to-hit number for his next round. Successive misses add successive numbers, but a hit will break the chain.
  • Nanobots: After an operation that Giovanni refuses to talk about, he can recover from wounds and injuries quickly, making him highly durable in a fight.