Vaeiiran Pidgeot (Normal)

Height: 8'9

Weight: 300 or so lbs






Geese escaped with the rest of the Vaeiiran Pidgeot, despite not desire to, simply because it seemed easier than working for his Vaeiiran creators as a weapon. He landed in the Flower Paradise post-escape, and promptly went to sleep. He slept there for approximately 28 years, where it was found by researchers looking for Shaymin. The bird was taken to the League Pokemon Center nearby, where it was artificially given nutrients to prevent its death, as it was unable to be woken by any known means. It was nicknamed Geese by one of the nurse's daughters, and the name stuck in its subconscious somewhere. The tests they performed on it trying to get a response out of the giant bird eventually resulted in strange patterns of brain activity during sleep. One night the bird finally woke up, feeling very strange, and proceeded to ditch that joint out the window. It smelled too much like medicine, whereas the bird was subconsciously accustomed to flowers.


Due to the many years remaining as Normal, the tests, and its mental lack of will to be anything else, Geese is locked into the Normal Type.

Ability: Amalgamation- All attacks become Normal Type when used by this Pokemon. This Pokemon recovers 1/4 of its HP when not attacked for a full turn. The Pokemon is always asleep in combat. Due to completely randomized actions, cooldowns will not apply.

Signature Move: Sleep Talk

Moves: Fly, Slash, Crush Claw, Stockpile, Swallow, Spit Up, Body Slam, Brave Bird, Metronome, Double-Edge, Double Team, Endeavor, Twister, Wing Attack, Roost, Mirror Move, Air Slash, Aerial Ace, Hidden Power (Normal), Hyper Beam, Giga Impact, Secret Power, Defog, Whirlwind, Hurricane, Gust, Ominous Wind, Snore, Swift, Pluck, Thief, Me First

32 moves. The one used is decided randomly.