Height: 5'11

Weight: 162 lbs.




Team Rocket; Light Warriors


Grunt; Meat Shield


Left Fighter School after not being able to answer his master's question. Met Black Mage, who had just been expelled from Magic School.

Hilarity ensued in the events of 8-Bit Theater.

Good question.

Followed Black Mage around since then. Once lost a game of Rock, Paper, Sword-Chucks to a Furret, resulting in him being the Furret's Pokemon. Eventually left and found Evil Princess Sara, and the Dark Warriors, in their fort in Unova. He was defeated by Sara in a Pokemon Battle, as he had no actual Pokemon and immediately whited out. She used the Millennium Eye to turn his soul into a children's trading card. Black Mage managed to get Fighter out and back to Rocket Temporary Base Camp. Black Mage left Fighter and some stolen Unovan Pokemon outside the infirmary tent, where he was forgotten for half the RP.

Eventually, Rival DICKS happened by the fort on his way to find Gary after his third... or was it fourth escape from Hell.

When Sara was defeated by DICKS, Fighter regained his soul, and eventually wandered into Celadon. He joined Team Rocket immediately before a massive battle broke out.


"I like swords!"

- Fighter McWarrior


Fighter is a non-soulless ginger clad in red armor. He carries some form of sword on him at all times, sometimes several.


  • Zodiac-Based Sword Techniques
  • Racial bonus to Fortitude Saves against head wounds for being Fighter
  • Aura of Stupid
  • Too Stupid to Fool
  • Occasional Idiot Savant


Fang- Scraggy

Highlander- Herdier

Venin- Venipede

Wonderfag- Wonder Guard Spiritomb, lent to Fighter by Black Mage

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