Warning: This page features the best motherfucker you will ever see. Remember to leave your self-confidence at the door because this motherfucker will make you regret your existence.

Better known as "THEBEST", "Your new god", or most commonly "Oh what the fuck that goddamn snake is back, everybody hide.", Ekans is quite simply the best there is. But I'll throw a normal-ish bio down for the you-ish people out there who can't appreciate true beauty and greatness.

Ekans is a loudmouthed snake who never loses. He is simply unbeatable. Not because he's strong, but because he's a goddamn cheapass. For a puny worthless Poison-type punk, he is just too goddamn clever and crafty to be destroyed by conventional means. The best course of action with this genius is to, quite simply, DEAL WITH IT. Generally seen screaming at the others, or fondly regarding his creation of the world. He's a god, remember? Does nothing important, obviously.

Currently battling Bakura in an imprisonment loop regarding pokeballs and jail cells. (Battle Status: WINNING)

  • However, Bakura has a history of losing when faced with imprisonment and shenanigans, so this isn't as big of a deal as it could be.
  • As an addition to this, Ekans always wins. So yes, this current fiasco is of no major importance.