Dualis, AKA Sei, is one of two beings, the other being Nykie. Not much is known about her, except that she's got a quiet voice and likes to read. She holds a certain fondness for Kudari.

General informationEdit

Gender Female
Age Questionable, but she looks to be a teen.
Nationality Irish American
Weight 103 lbs


What are friends for, to the point where you look much like them? Dualis likes to be near her best friend, Nykie, but occasionally needs alone time. She takes pereodic trips to the subway, but ends up not going on the actual train.


Dualis is kind of awkward to be around sometimes, but is kind of cute when you get used to her. Although her demeanor looks dull, she's quite bright, and has been known to lurk around local universities.

She enjoys being alone and eating soft mint sticks, explaining how her breath seems to cold. During such times, she hides in her room in Melody's shop, and reads to herself quietly.