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Blue is a pokémon trainer (and pokédex holder) who has been hanging around Team Rocket for a while and is friends with some of it's long-time members. Although never actually joining the organization she has taken part in some missions and helped out when there's been conflict, but she generally just hangs out with her friends or gets up to shenanigans.

She's mischievous in nature and loves indulging in her dark side. She won't pass up the chance to steal something or con someone out of their belongings, especially when there are valuables involved. She is also highly fascinated by pokémon evolution and evolution stones (which happen to be one of her favourite things to steal).

During a raid on the Pewter museum she managed to steal a bit of amber and has since revived an Aerodactyl from it, although she hasn't used the pokémon frequently.




Birth date

June 1

Eye color


Hair color



Pallet Town

Home region



Mother and Father (unnamed)


At the age of five, Blue was abducted by a Ho-oh belonging to the Mask of Ice, who was the leader of Neo Team Rocket. She eventually managed to escape with Silver, who she'd been paired up with, but the trauma of the event left her with a fear of birds. She has since overcome this fear, but still sometimes flinches or gets nervous in their presence.

A few months after she started frequenting the Team Rocket headquarters, Blue and Silver were once again confronted by the Mask of Ice. After being kidnapped and brainwashed, Blue joined the Mask of Ice in the fight against other Team Rocket members, but was eventually caught in an attack and was badly injured. She has since healed completely.


On hand: Blastoise (Blasty), Wigglytuff, Clefable (Clefy), Ditto (Ditty), Granbull, Nidoqueen (Nidory), Pidgeot (Pidgi)

Boxed: Aerodactyl, Moltres, Abra

Loaned out: Zapdos (to Tyler), Articuno (to Bakura)