Aurelia Mercedes is a strange character created by Hakudaye. She's cleric to Arceus, and is proud to say she is.

Gender Female
Age Over 50, but she's physically 22(23?)
Occupation Cleric, Healer. Works at a Pokemon Center in her spare time.
Favorite Color(s) White, Gold, Red, Green
Nature Sassy

Aurelia is an odd character who has already been through a lot in the roleplay. She is often seen dressed in a kimono, and claims it to be a "uniform". She has a habit of acting lustful at times, but she's also sort of strange. She is one of many "clerics". However, she is the oldest of them. Despite being the oldest, she seems to act like one of the youngest.

She currently owns 4 pokemon.

Arceus, Level 100
Nature (?)
Age (...I don't know)
Moveset(Desired Moveset) Judgment, Spacial Rend, Roar of Time, Shadow Force
ID 10946

Sceptile Level 98
Nature Quiet
Age He's over 10(Human Years), I know this
Moveset Razor Leaf, Leaf Tornado, Cut, Return
ID 45392

Norton (Porygon, Inside joke from the IRC) Level 32
Nature Bold
Age This time, I REALLY don't know.
Moveset Tri Attack, Tackle
ID 49768

Tnepres(Ekans. Inside joke from IRC) Level 5
Nature Unknown
Age Unknown
Moveset Unknown
ID Unknown

Aurelia's Personality and BeliefsEdit

Aurelia is the type to go off on her own sometimes. Although she is admittedly a bit bitchy, she can be sort of nice at times. Sometimes, she bites off more than she can chew, but is eventually saved by Arceus. She grows attached to people quickly, though, too.

She is sort of clumsy (and this is proved by the fact that she rolls off her bed every morning), but she's still better at doing things under pressure. She has a crush on her "master", Arceus. (Even I know this is strange)

As ditzy as she is, her justice-oriented attitude proves handy at times.