Alexander (Alex) Was born some time in the 1600s in the soul society. After wandering dimensions for some time e stumbled upon the Rocket Headquarters (the original) and decided to join out of boredom. Alexander is a powerful Soul Reaper turned assassin for the Rockets. He currently leads the Special Operations team in Team Rocket and is codenamed Falcon for his control over the element of wind. He has Bankai and Shikai and has used it before but only rarely, the same as Kido. Alexander is currently trying to figure out how to kill off all the enemies of Team Rocket while staying in the shadows.
Anime guy

As close as I could get.

At this point just killing them would be nice.
Alexander Zaraki


23 (Around 430)


Human (Soul Reaper)


6'3" 115 lb


Special Operations leader, Executive, Scout Operative


Rocket, Soul Society


Whoever I'm working with at the time. Kenpachi Zaraki, Soul Society


Wife: Sarah, Brother: Kenpachi, Son: Alexander the Second, Nephew: Genesis


Blaziken, Gardevoir, Electivire, Altaria, Tyranitar, Vileplume, Feraligatr, Porygon-Z, Garchomp, Haxorus, Excadrill, Eelectross, Heatran, Chandra the volcano Charizard, Armaldo, Exeggutor, Infernape

Appearance and EquipmentEdit

Alex is normally seen in the same clothes as seen in the picture but without the gloves. He rarely wears a uniform so as to keep himself as hidden as possible. He carries a cloak around for use when necessary and wears a Tuxedo to anything formal. Weapons consist of a Nodachi that doubles as a Zanpakutō and turns into a double bladed sword when unleashed. He also carries two daggers for combat when necessary. His Bankai consists of him taking the form of wind and becoming intangible but at a taxing rate to his energy. His Shikai consists of summoning a large bird of condensed wind from his sword. He can use Kido from all sections but stays away from it to favor his sword. More recently obtained items include twin dragon typed swords, special guantlets that allow teleportation between visible shadows, and a claok that nullifies ice. He really likes that last one.


Alex is the kind of person who doesn't give up until he knows it's a lost cause but couples this with his ability to judge a situation. Overall he doesn't fight unless he is confidant he will win. Alex is normally a happy person and enjoys a good challenge mental or physical. Alex would be considered Chaotic Neutral and prefers to stay that way as much as possible. Recently however he has favored Team Rocket and has gotten to know everyone nicely. Rarely seen screwing up and likes to remain serious unless it's a time where he knows nothing bad will happen. Often has to help Tobi out of bad situations that his clumsiness has brought him into. Has a natural talent for sneakiness and is rarely seen without his pokemon and sword. Alex is not Evil or Good but stays in between and helps whoever makes things more interesting. Recently he has sided with Team Rocket more and more. After visiting Alphea and obtaining a new team for that he has been approached by a member of Team New World. Who knows how that will end.